Missed Blog

Hey guys,

I missed my blog post yesterday, which means a few things to me. Missing the blog means I failed my 20 in 20 willingly. It also means I really don’t have to time to keep up with daily posts. I’m going to dial back my posting speed to about once a week, give or take based on how I’m feeling.

I won’t be finishing part 3 for things I don’t like because I honestly don’t remember what I meant by Diversity. I think I was going to talk about how all the raids have the same style of mechanics with 1-3 new things going on, or how it all just boils down to moving out of bad with a few extra things to watch for. Either way, that point was somewhat covered in the melee vs ranged post.

I have a few more posts that I want to do, so I won’t be quite for too long. To those who have been following this post closely and refreshing in hopes for that new post, sorry to have let you down.

Hopefully I bring interesting content in the next few weeks!

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