Maximizing Downtime

Hey everyone,

Today I’m going to talk about something short, minimizing downtime. I know for most people this means speeding up a raid, or making sure they’re always attacking an enemy, but I mean this in terms of making use of your time when you’re waiting on something to happen.

What I mean when I say “waiting for something to happen” is what you are doing while waiting on something that takes no attention. For me, whenever my play hits a point where I don’t need to be pushing a button, or looking at the screen, I have downtime. This is the downtime I’m talking about, and will share with you how I deal with it.

It’s not a bad thing to have this downtime, and some people use this time to just think and relax. I automatically tab out when this time comes, since I have trained myself to tab out (I play in fullscreen windowed, so it doesn’t cause me to miss anything) and surf the internet. I have my browzer covering exactly the right half of my screen, allowing me to read chat and see dungeon pops during this time. 99% of the time I will be tabbing out to Facebook, Icy Veins, Natural Order’s Guild Forums, or lately; my own blog. It makes reading the information I need to read daily much easier.

I’ve become so quick at this motion that sometimes in one flight path I will have scanned all 4 websites, and run out of things to do, which leaves me to close my browser and sit around. Then the next time I tab out, there’s nothing to tab out to. I need more things to read when I’m tabbed out, and lately I’ve added MMO-C to that list so that I can increase my number of posts on the website. I plan on getting my spreadsheets out on their forums to get some recognition.

I’d like to know what you guys do for your downtime (mainly because I’ve run out of things to read, give me something to read!), or if you think of anything you can remind me to check out.

Thanks for reading, I hope you look forward to the future posts. Leaving feedback or suggestions is appreciated. As a final reminder (and shameless plug), I am the Paladin Moderater on Icy Veins, one of the leading sites for all sorts of WoW Guides. I recommend checking them out as you main source of class knowledge.

I can be contacted at, messaging me through Icy Vein’s forums, or by finding me in-game on Fouton-Argent Dawn, Eiliar-Argent Dawn, or Deathfouton-Earthen Ring.

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