Analysis Spreadsheet Completed!

Hey everyone,

Today I finished up the Live version of my Protection Paladin Analysis to show effective spell usage. This chart should analyze any difficulty of Malkorok log to give a total DPS lost by spell usage, and to also give an understanding on how using holy power incorrectly could cost the player a vast number of HPS and increase their DPS intake.

Here’s the example picture I took of a log I had seen:

The spreadsheet is actually fairly simple, most of the time I spent on it was problem solving how it would calculate estimated spell uses, but once I figured that out, it wasn’t long before I finished the whole analysis. It all works on numbers, so the best thing about it is there isn’t any guess work or expectations of the player’s gear/talents/glyphs. It’s entirely about using your rotation correctly, and not wasting procs.

Basically it predicts the paladin rotation, which is:

Then after that, based on sampling the rotation by filling in the remaining spells, it calculates the frequency of the fillers usage, and from that it will fill up the whole fight duration. Then calculate average damage per spell, and loss per spell. It also compares uptimes of your Shield of the Righteous and Eternal Flame, compare them, and show the missed healing, and damage intake that you could have with maximized uptimes. It won’t assume past 95% for Eternal Flame though, it assumes that there is always error, and fight rampup.

Note that this analysis does not care about your CD usage. That portion of your play is usually judgement based, and developing a program to calculate every single time you could have used the CD, it would be controversial to tell people when they should have and shouldnt have used the CD. If you need advise on defensives personally, you’d have to ask me directly.

The link the analysis is here, and you can respond with your own log so that I can do an analysis for you if you want.

I’m glad I’ve finished this, now I have more time on my plate for other things, like fuller blog posts, work on my school, my new tablet, Icy Veins moderating, and other opportunities.

Thanks for reading, I hope you look forward to the future posts. Leaving feedback or suggestions is appreciated. As a final reminder (and shameless plug), I am the Paladin Moderater on Icy Veins, one of the leading sites for all sorts of WoW Guides. I recommend checking them out as you main source of class knowledge.

I can be contacted at, messaging me through Icy Vein’s forums, or by finding me in-game on Fouton-Argent Dawn, Eiliar-Argent Dawn, or Deathfouton-Earthen Ring.

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2 Responses to Analysis Spreadsheet Completed!

  1. Looks all too complicated for me to work out on a Monday morning! 😛 Well done

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