My Beginner Experiences (Noob Stories!)

Hey everyone,

Day 3 on my 20 in 20 challenge, and today’s topic would normally be ‘your first day playing WoW’ but honestly I don’t remember any part of it other than being at my cousin, Velmathris’ house. He had introduced me to the game, so thats about all I remember. Instead I will be talking about my first character; which ended in deletion, and my first raid experience; which ended in me discovering there was much to learn before I could raid with the big boys.

My first character didn’t make it as far as you would expect. It was a hunter just like most WoW beginners, however mine only made it to level 10. I remember choosing the hunter to be a ranger style character, was excited to be that shoot from afar player with a companion who could add a melee portion to what I thought would be a tactically sound combat style. Now this was back in early vanilla, so you had to obtain your pet at level 10 by taming it. I went through my quests, leveled up to 10, but couldn’t understand how to get my pet. I tried everything I could think of, was not able to tame a pet, and deleted the character from the confusion. I was so noobie, I couldn’t even figure out how to tame a pet!

My first raid experience was on a different hunter (Yes, I figured out how to tame a pet!) and it was in The Burning Crusade, midway through the release of Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep. I was in the 25man under my older brother’s wing, raiding in with a skilled guild that had a few other hunters with it. I don’t remember how many raids I had done with them before I reached the memorable moment in the guild, which was during Tempest Keep trash. A pair of bracers dropped (I was using blues so I whispered the raid leader that I wanted them), and instantly they were given to the other hunter. Outraged, I complained and complained to the raid leader that he didn’t even consider me, but no one would listen to a word I said. This was when I realized that the raid leader honestly didn’t care about me one bit, and that all the other officers weren’t willing to even try to explain the event to me. In the end I had left the guild, moved to my own server, and began raiding with my real life friends in Karazhan where I finally was in a group around my skill level and could mature as a player.

Everyone begins as a noob, or says something hilariously noobish, perhaps even without knowing it. A friend of mine had to ask if wool bandages were better than linen, which by name is a fair question to those new to the game. We all start out somewhere, and without the right advice from those above us, we will spend much longer improving that we really want to take. If I knew there were guides out there like Icy Veins to improve my skill, perhaps I wouldn’t have been snuffed in my first raid, I may have gone much farther in my raiding career earlier on. Personally I’m glad I didn’t for many reasons, and I’m glad I had that terrible experience to remind me that everyone is terrible at some point, whether it’s in game knowledge, attitude towards the rookies, or those who are full of themselves and refuse to take advice from others.

Working up to the experience I have now took many years, and I still have more room for improvement. I’ll never be the perfect player, but I always look forward to finding ways I can improve myself.

Thanks for reading, I hope you look forward to the future posts. Leaving feedback or suggestions is appreciated. As a final reminder (and shameless plug), I am the Paladin Moderater on Icy Veins, one of the leading sites for all sorts of WoW Guides. I recommend checking them out as you main source of class knowledge.

I can be contacted at, messaging me through Icy Vein’s forums, or by finding me in-game on Fouton-Argent Dawn, Eiliar-Argent Dawn, or Deathfouton-Earthen Ring.

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