Why I choose to blog

Hey everyone,

It’s the second day since I’ve challenged myself to write 20 posts in 20 days. Today’s topic, which is similar to many other 20 day blog formats that other WoW blogs have followed, I will be talking about why I have decided to start blogging.

As a paladin, and mainly a Protection paladin, I’ve been fortunate enough to have two of the best role models I can imagine for reaching out to the community. Slootbag and Theck, both extraordinary paladins who’s imprint in the community have helped me appreciate this aspect of WoW, and made me want to join their path. Having seen Theck‘s blogs as more of a theorycrafting/protection paladin understanding blog, and Slootbag‘s streams always talking with players, I’ve wanted to commit to more of a general WoW outreach, while also having paladins as a minor theme.

When I first joined Icy Veins, I noticed that the community of players that frequent the website are actually not just a bunch of players that come and go for guides. There are tons of people posting on the forums for in-depth analysis, conversation, or basic understanding of classes. It has opened my mind to the fact that there are many people out there that enjoy debating and reading many different things about WoW. Each topic has its own viewership that will enjoy a good read, whether it be an opinion on how the game currently is, a small guide for bettering your understanding of the tools the game/3rd parties offer, personal experience articles, or simply comic based topics.

To me, this stands out as a way to get all the thoughts I have into the community for others to enjoy. I’ve made posts in the past on my guild forums, but I miss getting large conversations along with positive and negative feedback. I’ve made smaller posts in the past about possible game mechanics, items, bosses, april fool’s ideas, and various other silly topics, and I really miss being able to talk about them. Opening a blog with comments on each topic, the ability to feature other peoples ideas, advertise their blogs, and bring the community together is something that appeals to me.

I’ve got some pretty big ideas I want to get out over time, and plenty of planned blogs for this 20 posts in 20 days, so I’m looking forward to the months to come. I can foresee some frequent blogs, and an increased amount of activity as WoD hits, so hopefully this blog will grow over the days. I think the thing I would enjoy most from the blog getting bigger is to have some Blizzard employees reading the posts, perhaps even having a back and forth interview in a blog at some point. There’s a lot to look forward to, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

Thanks for reading, I hope you look forward to the future posts. Leaving feedback or suggestions is appreciated. As a final reminder (and shameless plug), I am the Paladin Moderater on Icy Veins, one of the leading sites for all sorts of WoW Guides. I recommend checking them out as you main source of class knowledge.

I can be contacted at Fouton@live.com, messaging me through Icy Vein’s forums, or by finding me in-game on Fouton-Argent Dawn, Eiliar-Argent Dawn, or Deathfouton-Earthen Ring.

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