Welcome to The World of Fouton!

Hey guys, I am Fouton, the Paladin Moderator of Icy Veins, and welcome to my first of many blog posts that will be about World of Warcraft. This will vary from topics from all aspects of the game such as new expansion content and what it will mean to the game, what the game is missing compared to the past, what the game has gained and has helped it grow, specific theorycrafting based on paladins or important mechanics, and other subjects.

My history in this game is pretty long, and I’ve been to several different servers. I have raided on 3 classes at endgame content over the 8 years I’ve played, and I’ve also been on multiple factions, and raided at different levels. I’ve spent most of my time on a Protection/Holy Paladins and my Hunter. I also spent a brief period of time on a Resto Shaman, but that was a very minor moment in Dragon Soul. I’ve earned two realm firsts, but they both were in First Aid from WotLK and MoP, I missed Cata’s by 5 minutes because pipes bursted in my basement and flooded the house. (Fortunately I lost nothing of value, just boxes of unpacked things from when I had moved 2 years before)

For most of Classic I actually wasn’t trying to level, and was instead farming materials for my brother’s alchemist. I enjoyed spending a whole year on my level 26 hunter in duskwood, avoiding the terrifying Mor’Ladim and getting the very much sought after Grave Moss. After a while I decided it was time to move on, but just missed the 60 mark by the release of Burning Crusade. I finally hit my first level cap during SSC/TK and began raiding casually in a Karazhan guild. This is about the time I leveled my first paladin, which made it to 80 pretty quickly in wrath, as I joined Defiance-Thrall for my first Current Content raiding. Unfortunately the guild quickly disbanded and I went back to a casual team. I finally reached serious raiding again when I joined Natural Order-Ysera in ICC25, a month or so after release. A few reasons brought me to leave and I began raiding in Blacklisted-Kael’thas, on both my hunter and my paladin, and I almost achieved Heroic Lich King, unfortunately some of the raiders couldn’t complete Frostmourne before I had to leave the team to scheduling issues. Since then I have always been raiding current content raids, at different levels of progression, switching between my hunter and my paladin. I rejoined Natural Order and followed them from Ysera to Stormrage, and very recently to Argent Dawn.

My raiding now is fairly tame, I raid in a 9/14 normal mode guild that raids only 4 effective hours a week. It’s pretty laid back and there is hardly time to get anything done, but its nice to take it slow with school, forums, and now blogs to keep up with. I was also helping Natural Order when it needed players for their holiday raids, which explains my random heroic Nazgrim, Immerseus, and second half of SoO normal clear on my alliance characters.

For my preference in classes/roles to play in raids, I’ve always preferred to play on my paladin, however I enjoy my hunter just as much. I’ve always enjoyed these two classes for fairly different reasons. For my Hunter, the first character I had leveled, I enjoyed it because it was a ranged class, with fairly infinite resources, and the rotation was a fluent rotation with kiting capabilities and many exciting abilities. Most of these abilities are now removed, such as Eyes of the Beast, Eagle Eye, Viper Sting, and Feed Pet, but I still enjoy the feel of the class for its ability to solo things with pet tanking and self healing. My Paladin also has the ability to solo content as a tank, which is the reason I chose my paladin. It was initially created so that my cousin could go ret and I could go holy, and we would duo the old raids from last tier. This was before Death Knights were invented, and even still I prefer Paladins because of their ability to also heal others. As you can imagine from these reasons, I need the ability to self heal my character, and the ability to play on my own while finding difficult but doable tasks. I actually got realm firsts in first aid because of this, and I also played from 70 to 80 on my hunter with the SSC trash trinket. I now have a miniature army of these two classes, 1 capped hunter and a few lowbies I’ve leveled, with 2 90 paladins, 1 80 paladin, 1 71 paladin, and a few others at some lowbie levels.

I don’t enjoy playing my hunter for long periods of times, because I don’t enjoy how number oriented DPSing is, and how expendable you are. As a tank or healer your job is mostly cooldowns, skill and quick thinking, however on a DPS you really just need the best gear you can get and to perform your spell priority perfectly. Tanking is very calm and slow, but feels very rewarding when you perfect your play and stop being the cause of all wipes. In my opinion, the best part about tanking, is that if you play skillfully, you can make several bosses worth of difference in their progression. You can also do this healing, but it’s a bit more difficult, since often times 1 good healer won’t be enough to save the raid. DPS also has these benefits in some capacity, but I can’t stand the numbers war. When I play my hunter in hardcore raiding, I feel like I have to check my meter every fight, and try to defend myself if I’m on the lower end. If I’m on the top, I’m not allowed to make comments or everyone gets sick of me because they think I’m bragging, and it makes them feel like I’m saying they’re terrible compared to me. It’s a tough battle, I’ve had many fights about the issues before. I found the best way to deal with it to just not talk about the meters, but then I can’t talk about my performance at all.

The things I enjoy most in WoW are soloing difficult content, often old raid bosses for mounts, or current dungeons. In the past, I’ve done some 5mans with friends where we entered Halls of Stone, Old Kingdom, and Gundrak, during Wrath and pulled multiple bosses at the same time and down them. I’ve also spent a long amount of time leveling with some friends through dungeons, or leveling on my own as a rogue through PvP, before BoAs. I like to do my own theorycrafting, often times it is fairly accurate but not SimulationCraft level of complex. I’ve programmed my own mini simulators that ran very vague control tests, and like to build my BiS list from scratch. You’ll come to see some posts about theorycrafting from me on occasion, but it will likely be small, side posts that aren’t my large projects.

Outside of WoW, I am a college student taking Business Accounting, and I manage the Paladin Forums of Icy Veins. Icy Veins is a great outlet for me, I get to help the community, theorycraft minor details, write guides for anything I think is relevant and exciting, and talk to the other moderators to understand the management side of communities. Outside of the my ‘professional’ life, my life is fairly dominated by hockey. I love to play hockey as a goaltender, with 7 years of experience. I also like to watch hockey, any team is fine to watch, though my favorite teams are the Calgary Flames, the Ottawa Senators, and the Boston Bruins. Aside from hockey, I enjoy designing game concepts, programming, playing boardgames, D&D, video games like Borderlands 2, NHL’10, and other less played games. I occasionally write portions of books, never completing them, and run all sorts of spreadsheets to analyze all sorts of things I’m interested. I like predicting numbers, calculating numbers, and determining the best way to do things based on those numbers. This is mainly why I like theorycrafting.

Thanks for reading, I hope you look forward to the future posts. As a final reminder (and shameless plug), I am a Paladin Moderater on Icy Veins. The website has all sorts of DPS, leveling, raid, dungeon, questing, and soloing guides throughout the forums. It also has Hearthstone, Pet Battles, and Brawler’s Guild as some side sections you can enjoy. There are always moderators able to respond within a day to questions, as well as a strong community that does like to help others and ask their own questions about all sorts of things. I recommend checking them out as you main source of class knowledge.

I can be contacted at Fouton@live.com, messaging me through Icy Vein’s forums, or by finding me in-game on Fouton-Argent Dawn, Eiliar-Argent Dawn, or Deathfouton-Earthen Ring.

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2 Responses to Welcome to The World of Fouton!

  1. Re: DPS

    Whenever I land in the top 5 of anything, I consider it a terrible, terrible warning sign of crap to come, as I am well accustomed to keeping the bottom of the meters balanced. (Without people like me, how would the high performers know where they stand!?) It’s starting to happen more often in LFR and the like, as my main now has a fair amount of normal raiding gear. Am I the only DPS who believes personal numeric success to be the portent of disaster, not the indicator of my skill?

    On another note, I kinda find being expendable relaxing. As long as you 1.) don’t epically screw up, like Shadowstepping off Lei Shen’s platform, or 2.) wipe the raid somehow, or 3.) go trolling for funzies*, people just don’t care about your existence. On the one hand, ok, it can make it kinda hard to get healed sometimes, as I’m way low on the healing priorities list. On the other, it means nobody’s paying attention to WTF I’m doing, which means I can derp up on my rotation and nobody will notice!

    * Say, hunters who put Aspect of the Pack on during that lightning zapper hallway right before Lei Shen. Or the beartank who pulled ALL THE THINGS purposefully to wipe the LFR – twice.

  2. deathfouton says:

    I definitely agree with your perspective of the expendable approach bringing the relaxing feeling in a raid. I’ve only raided heroic content on my hunter in the recent years, having swapped from a Prot Paladin to an under geared hunter, however I feel that I must perform at my best skill level at all times since it is a heroic guild. It’s always scary to consider that you’re on the edge of not coming to raids anymore when you’ve committed to 3 nights a week, and have nowhere else to go. Now that I’m more casual, I’m open to trying my hunter again, and perhaps if I do try again I will get the relaxing do what you please feel to the game.

    On a side note, I always turn red when I forget pack is on, or not notice I’m still in cheetah, or even not notice my pet has been dead for 50% of a fight. I get embarrassed quickly on those types of things >.< A good version of this on my paladin is that often swapping between Prot and Holy means forgotten Seal of Insight, or Righteous Fury. Bad things happen when I forget those.

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